Is MyPoints Legit? A Way to Make Money or Just Another

MyPoints Review

Welcome back to MMS. I guess you watched “Shopoholic” movie to imagine what I am doing these days to have all things ready for the New Year Just wish this time never came..(kidding). And do you have everything ready for the New Year?

Yeah I know folks from China are not that obsessed with this idea so far but as for Eropeans and Americans they are absolutely staying in long queues for discounts and rebates.

Well, I have prepared one more review. The target for today is MyPoints Review |, the program which has been launched quite recently and which in my opinion will be a great hit in 2010.

Who Uses MyPoints

It doesn’t take to be a rocket scientist to see that MyPoints has a custom made layout and is running a unique custom made software with lots of features, some of them I really see for the first time when joining a hyip program. Let’s take it one by one.

First of all I would point out the security features you can make use of when logging into your member account. By visiting “security” area you will find a list of operations to which you can adjust special priorities to increase control over your account.

It’s quite similar to firewall settings BTW Another thing I liked about the member area is its usability, in other words it’s not messy and you won’t have to search across the page for a relevant link.

The Pros Of MyPoints

As for general security MyPoints is hosted on a dedicated server DDoS protected by Dragonara with SSL encryption installed on their website. From the best I know the same company takes care of Perfectmoney security thus assuming MyPoints is highly protected would be somewhat correct in my opinion.

MyPoints is offering a simple comprehensive set of investment plans ranging from 1% daily for 30 days with your principal back upon expiry up to 2.3% daily profit for 100 days.

Of course the ROI depends on the amount of deposit you make and a balanced decision would be upgrading for Start, Optimal and Business investment plans, however considering the potential of MyPoints I would also consider higher stakes, high rollers are welcome, LOL

How Do You Make Money With MyPoints

One more aspect which hasn’t been mentioned yet is an affiliate or a partnership program which will reward you with min 6% referral commission. The interesting thing is that if you refer amounts over %1.5k you automatically share the profit generated by this deposits plus referral commission which is progressively increasing.

Not bad at all, I just can imagine the readiness and feedback from monitors and other promoters they will provide MyPoints with

MyPoints claims to be a legally registered UK company based in London. The legal papers will be posted on the website within 3 weeks as explained on their “about us” page.

The Cons Of MyPoints

Let’s get down to payment option as it’s probably one of the most interesting aspects to consider before joining any program. MyPoints accepts Libertyreserve, Perfectmoney, Webmoney and bank wire transfers.

The great and unique thing for all investors from the former Soviet Union is that now they probably will not have to care about LR <-> WMZ exchanges any longer As I have checked myself WM account seems to be fully accredited by Webmoney service, in other words hopefully transfers will be smooth and will not remind Alertpay kind of issues. I have actually some quick but burning questions about other popular processors like Strictpay and Solidtrustpay which I hope will be answered during the interview session with the admin of MyPoints program.

Support service seems to be working fine at least it worked great for me. Fast responses via Live chat and email, and moreover phone support is at your disposal from Monday to Friday which adds MyPoints one more star.

Upon completing this review I will pay your attention to some other features which are coming up soon. That’s MyPoints Kepper ver.1.0 and MyPoints Club. I will not comment on these 2 as just like you lacking in information by the moment. But I am almost sure more updates will soon be available.

I strongly hope to conduct an interview and to see more news and updates from the admin ofMyPoints in the nearer future here on MMS. In my opinion MyPoints is something we really strongly need in 2010 as new blood is necessary, hope you know what I mean.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow and enjoy your preparations for the New Year! Take care, folks