Crowdtap Review: Scam or a Legit Way to Get Free Stuff

Crowdtap review and other news

Good day or night to all of you, folks. Like the majority of guys in my hood I feel terribly sorry that the holiday time seems to have gone for the next year to come and we all have to get back to work. I am not lazy, I just want some prolonged holidays to have some extra rest after the busiest year I had in 2009. Maybe traveling to China might be a good idea to consider as they haven’t celebrated a New Year yet, LOL.

Okay, let’s switch to the news and updates I have brought to you for today. The first thing I’d like to focus on is a new program on my hyip list which is Crowdtap Review, a well known and popular hyip which has been running for almost 5 months so far but which in my opinion still might be interesting due to a variety of flexible investment plans it has to offer.

Does Crowdtap Work?

I will go on with the investment plans. If you join Crowdtap you will have the right to choose between 6 types of investment plans depending on the amount you are about to invest, interest rates and investment period. As for me I am not keen to quote the same info that has been put onto the “investment solutions” page. As you can see all profits are to be paid on maturity, in other words after the investment period is over, thus I think the most interesting options for an average investor would be Atlantis Initial which pays 105% after 7 days, Atlantis Triweekly which pays 120% after 21 days, and Atlantis Basic which pays 191% profit after 60 calendar days. Not that much you could expect? Well, partially agree, but my past experience indicates that this type of programs have a much longer run as compared to other short term hyips and those mature hyipers will by right agree that such investment is usually much more secure. Anyway I will leave this entirely up to your discretion.

Crowdtap is hosted on a dedicated server protected by Goldpoll antiDDoS protection service with SSL secure certificate on their website. I wouldn’t comment on the quality due to my incompetence but I know for sure that it’s one of the most expensive ones and besides I haven’t seen Crowdtap having gone into any downtime or outage issues so far. Hopefully for them.
I want to underline that the guys did great job by working out a custom layout and a nice easy to navigate template which has some very nice appeal.

Crowdtap accepts Libertyreserve and Perfectmoney payments only. I will take up a chance to ask the admin why there is no room for Strictpay or Solidtrustpay in the upcoming interview which hopefully will be published on MMS at the end of this week. Nevertheless while surfing their knowledgebase I found some statements that direct bankwire deposits might become possible in future, so who knows. Maybe Crowdtap will eventually follow the GeniusFunds example.

BTW there is a progressive affiliate program so the minimum commission you can get by referring others is 5% which ain’t bad at all imo. The more downlines you have the deeper you go on the affiliate scale and can upgrade to a higher affiliate rate.
Crowdtap support service is working fine, at least it did work fine for me. Either email support or live chat, so feel free to escalate your questions directly and it won’t take long for the feedback to be provided.

That’s it for Crowdtap for now, if you have already have any experience with them or you can share something I would be glad to hear from you, folks

Let’s switch to other updates for today.
It became available to me yesterday that Santiventures has implemented a new SSL certificate which was successfully installed on their website a few days ago. That’s definitely a great plus for the program as security always matters. Here is the newsletter sent out to the members:

Our tech team have recently installed a SSL Comodo certificate in order to offer our members more advanced and enhanced data protection. If you care about your personal data protection just make sure that there is a https:// prefix when browsing our website.