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Is MyPoints Legit? A Way to Make Money or Just Another

MyPoints Review

Welcome back to MMS. I guess you watched “Shopoholic” movie to imagine what I am doing these days to have all things ready for the New Year Just wish this time never came..(kidding). And do you have everything ready for the New Year?

Yeah I know folks from China are not that obsessed with this idea so far but as for Eropeans and Americans they are absolutely staying in long queues for discounts and rebates.

Well, I have prepared one more review. The target for today is MyPoints Review |, the program which has been launched quite recently and which in my opinion will be a great hit in 2010.

Who Uses MyPoints

It doesn’t take to be a rocket scientist to see that MyPoints has a custom made layout and is running a unique custom made software with lots of features, some of them I really see for the first time when joining a hyip program. Let’s take it one by one.

First of all I would point out the security features you can make use of when logging into your member account. By visiting “security” area you will find a list of operations to which you can adjust special priorities to increase control over your account.

It’s quite similar to firewall settings BTW Another thing I liked about the member area is its usability, in other words it’s not messy and you won’t have to search across the page for a relevant link.

The Pros Of MyPoints

As for general security MyPoints is hosted on a dedicated server DDoS protected by Dragonara with SSL encryption installed on their website. From the best I know the same company takes care of Perfectmoney security thus assuming MyPoints is highly protected would be somewhat correct in my opinion.

MyPoints is offering a simple comprehensive set of investment plans ranging from 1% daily for 30 days with your principal back upon expiry up to 2.3% daily profit for 100 days.

Of course the ROI depends on the amount of deposit you make and a balanced decision would be upgrading for Start, Optimal and Business investment plans, however considering the potential of MyPoints I would also consider higher stakes, high rollers are welcome, LOL

How Do You Make Money With MyPoints

One more aspect which hasn’t been mentioned yet is an affiliate or a partnership program which will reward you with min 6% referral commission. The interesting thing is that if you refer amounts over %1.5k you automatically share the profit generated by this deposits plus referral commission which is progressively increasing.

Not bad at all, I just can imagine the readiness and feedback from monitors and other promoters they will provide MyPoints with

MyPoints claims to be a legally registered UK company based in London. The legal papers will be posted on the website within 3 weeks as explained on their “about us” page.

The Cons Of MyPoints

Let’s get down to payment option as it’s probably one of the most interesting aspects to consider before joining any program. MyPoints accepts Libertyreserve, Perfectmoney, Webmoney and bank wire transfers.

The great and unique thing for all investors from the former Soviet Union is that now they probably will not have to care about LR <-> WMZ exchanges any longer As I have checked myself WM account seems to be fully accredited by Webmoney service, in other words hopefully transfers will be smooth and will not remind Alertpay kind of issues. I have actually some quick but burning questions about other popular processors like Strictpay and Solidtrustpay which I hope will be answered during the interview session with the admin of MyPoints program.

Support service seems to be working fine at least it worked great for me. Fast responses via Live chat and email, and moreover phone support is at your disposal from Monday to Friday which adds MyPoints one more star.

Upon completing this review I will pay your attention to some other features which are coming up soon. That’s MyPoints Kepper ver.1.0 and MyPoints Club. I will not comment on these 2 as just like you lacking in information by the moment. But I am almost sure more updates will soon be available.

I strongly hope to conduct an interview and to see more news and updates from the admin ofMyPoints in the nearer future here on MMS. In my opinion MyPoints is something we really strongly need in 2010 as new blood is necessary, hope you know what I mean.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow and enjoy your preparations for the New Year! Take care, folks

Sweatcoin Review: Is Sweatcoin Legit or a Scam?

Sweatcoin App Review

Sweatcoin App clip Tube Fool can be a powerful instrument that permits you to create video several accounts – it’s no secret the social advertising factor functions most effective once you have various personal and accounts.

Sweatcoin App clip Bonuses – covers everything you ever require to learn about generating hordes of traffic with potent engines like Google. Sweatcoin App Review can get the position executed with targeted traffic, it is as much as you to convert it your videos rapidly, and Sweatcoin App is actually what you can study with this course.

Building Your Business Sweatcoin App

This would be the Sweatcoin App clip Overview page, and use video clip official website of Sweatcoin App clip bonus page. Sweatcoin App advertising would be the gross sales tool of the Net. Sweatcoin App clip can be a potent merchandise which will help your small business. Sweatcoin App clip is often a fresh video clip advertising course by Alex God and Mark Dulisse that has obtained everything relevant to video marketing and advertising. Sweatcoin App will go into extra detail. Sweatcoin App clip advertising and marketing shouldn’t be only a good way to make a brand, but it surely is a fantastic technique to unfold the phrase about your solutions and items and there’s a bonus: it is entirely outcome oriented.

Get The Sweatcoin App Bonuses

Sweatcoin App Bonus – the way in which by which to take benefit from excellent new options for visitors and earnings for each the major search engines like yahoo and YouTube with the clever utilization of video. Sweatcoin App Examine – the way in which in which to reap the benefits of exceptional new prospects for visitors and earnings for each the search engines and YouTube by way of the intelligent use of video. Sweatcoin App is of exceptional significance to anybody who desires to make money on-line, and fairly priced search engine marketing companies are a boon to individuals with out the money to spend for that optimization presented from the major on-line internet optimization providers. Sweatcoin App clip is often a comprehensive course on how you can use the mixture of video with YouTube and Google to not merely improve visitor, but grow sales.

Sweatcoin App clip just isn’t limited towards the few videos tutorials in truth there are plenty of to return for those who will invest from the course, it implies they’ll lengthy time period benefits with small investment. Sweatcoin App is unique since what you’ll recognize will alter every factor you actually believed about obtaining dollars by means of the web working with a program that’s reasonably a good deal allready done for you personally personally. Sweatcoin App is often a top quality program being released by Mark Dulisse and Alex Goad around the 30th November.

I Strongly Recommend Sweatcoin App Program

Sweatcoin App clip is acquiring a substantial selling price tag but of course you may be getting terrific high quality info from these two entrepreneurs. Sweatcoin App reveals how to take full advantage of new possibilities for targeted traffic and revenue for each the major search engines and YouTube by utilizing video clip. Sweatcoin App is clearly no exception on the trend.

Sweatcoin App clip is really a video promoting and marketing domination item from Alex Goad and Mark Dulisse. Sweatcoin App clip by Alex Goad will probably be the most recent online marketing and advertising hoopla on the world wide net. Sweatcoin App There’ll in all probability be a mad rush for this, but luckily you’re a single of theinitial to listen to about it. Sweatcoin App by Alex Goad is definitely the most modern internet marketing buzz to the on the net globe. Sweatcoin App by Alex Goad could be the hottest world wide web advertising and advertising and marketing buzz around the earth wide net.

Sweatcoin App clip – info on the best way to make use of excellent brand-new opportunities for traffic and revenue for both the search engines and YouTube by way of the clever use of video clip. Sweatcoin App clip can certainly not stay as much as the hype, it lives as much as the reality and in addition pure good top quality which any exceptional online marketing remedy must offer you.

Why Sweatcoin App

Sweatcoin App by Alex Goad is in fact the newest internet promoting and marketing hoopla to the world-wide-web. Sweatcoin App by Alex Goad is definitely the most latest internet marketing buzz on the internet. Sweatcoin App will not likely stay as much as the hype, it lives as much as generally the reality and true top quality that any exceptional online marketing option really should provide. Sweatcoin App by Alex Goad is indisputably one of the most progressive online Sweatcoin App Preview.

TaskRabbit Review: Free Yourself From Every Day Tasks

TaskRabbit Review

Today I’m going to continue talking about the same subject I’ve been blogging about for the last couple of days, namely how to get backlinks. I’m going to change track a little though and look more in depth at why we need backlinks in the first place and their important to search engine optimization.

What Is TaskRabbit

If you’re trying to make money online then you need to either get traffic to whatever it is your trying to sell, or sell traffic to someone else that has a product or service they’re selling. If you’re attempting to make money with Adsense then you are basically just a middle man funneling traffic to other people with a product that needs buyers TaskRabbit Review. So in the Internet marketing world traffic is money and those who have the most traffic are generally making the most money.

Why Should I Use TaskRabbit?

You might be struggling to see what relevance this has to the topic on hand but to get the most web site traffic we need to get our sites as high up on Google as possible because Google is the big boss when it comes to controlling Internet traffic. We need to convince the world’s best search engine that we are worthy of their respect in order that they will send us a nice steady stream of visitors for us to convert into cash in whatever way we choose. This is the game know as search engine optimization.

Is TaskRabbit a Scam?

The battle to get to the top of Google is like a giant popularity contest where the most popular site gets to sit at the top of the Google castle and scoop up 40% of the traffic for a particular keyword. Backlinks are the key to the popularity contest in that they are the way that we collect votes in our favor from the rest of the Internet community. When someone with another blog or website links to your site they’re telling Google that they think you’re one of the coolest kids in school. Collect the most votes and Google is going to start taking notice of your site and send you to the top of the SERPs.

Related :

Another, equally important aspect of backlinks is their ability to signal to Google what your site is about. For example if I link to this site with the text Make Money Online than Google knows that this is a site about making money online and will take that into consideration when deciding where to put me in the search engines.

The words you use to link to your site is known as anchor text and its vitally important if you are to make the most of your backlinks that you take so much effort to find. A mistake that many beginners make when they are building backlinks to their domains is to use anchor text that bares no relation to the subject covered in the site.

If you leave comments in blogs for a backlink with your name as an anchor link what are you telling the search engines about your site that is of any value? Do you want Google to rank you highly for the word “George” or “Susan”? Probably not! At the same time using anchor text such as “click here” as a link to your site at the end of articles is a waste of your energy.

When getting friends to link back to this site I will get them to use anchor text such as “Make Money With Adsense”, “Make Money Online” and “Adsense Make Money” because thats one of the best ways to let the search engines know what subjects I’m covering. Hopefully it will also let them know that my site is respected for the content that covers that topic though if you’ve read much of my content you’ll realise that the respect is misplaced, but that’s another story.

So get into the habit of having all your back links to be keyword rich anchor text that is related to you blog. On that point make sure you mix the anchor text up or you might be penalized for Google bombing.

Google bombing is a method of manipulating the search engine results by using a specific keyword relentlessly as your anchor text in order to get ranked highly for that word or phrase. Google has cottoned on to this practice and now punishes sites whose anchor text links look unnatural. The remedy for this is to vary your anchor text between a large number of related keywords for which you would like your site to rank. This is the reason that I don’t always use one specific keyword such as “make money with google” in the resource box of any articles I write.

Now you know the importance of being able to get links and making sure your anchor text backlinks are relevant to the subject of your content to further your SEO efforts. Next time I’m going to talk about another element of your links that is important and how to get yourself the very best quality backlinks available.

Crowdtap Review: Scam or a Legit Way to Get Free Stuff

Crowdtap review and other news

Good day or night to all of you, folks. Like the majority of guys in my hood I feel terribly sorry that the holiday time seems to have gone for the next year to come and we all have to get back to work. I am not lazy, I just want some prolonged holidays to have some extra rest after the busiest year I had in 2009. Maybe traveling to China might be a good idea to consider as they haven’t celebrated a New Year yet, LOL.

Okay, let’s switch to the news and updates I have brought to you for today. The first thing I’d like to focus on is a new program on my hyip list which is Crowdtap Review, a well known and popular hyip which has been running for almost 5 months so far but which in my opinion still might be interesting due to a variety of flexible investment plans it has to offer.

Does Crowdtap Work?

I will go on with the investment plans. If you join Crowdtap you will have the right to choose between 6 types of investment plans depending on the amount you are about to invest, interest rates and investment period. As for me I am not keen to quote the same info that has been put onto the “investment solutions” page. As you can see all profits are to be paid on maturity, in other words after the investment period is over, thus I think the most interesting options for an average investor would be Atlantis Initial which pays 105% after 7 days, Atlantis Triweekly which pays 120% after 21 days, and Atlantis Basic which pays 191% profit after 60 calendar days. Not that much you could expect? Well, partially agree, but my past experience indicates that this type of programs have a much longer run as compared to other short term hyips and those mature hyipers will by right agree that such investment is usually much more secure. Anyway I will leave this entirely up to your discretion.

Crowdtap is hosted on a dedicated server protected by Goldpoll antiDDoS protection service with SSL secure certificate on their website. I wouldn’t comment on the quality due to my incompetence but I know for sure that it’s one of the most expensive ones and besides I haven’t seen Crowdtap having gone into any downtime or outage issues so far. Hopefully for them.
I want to underline that the guys did great job by working out a custom layout and a nice easy to navigate template which has some very nice appeal.

Crowdtap accepts Libertyreserve and Perfectmoney payments only. I will take up a chance to ask the admin why there is no room for Strictpay or Solidtrustpay in the upcoming interview which hopefully will be published on MMS at the end of this week. Nevertheless while surfing their knowledgebase I found some statements that direct bankwire deposits might become possible in future, so who knows. Maybe Crowdtap will eventually follow the GeniusFunds example.

BTW there is a progressive affiliate program so the minimum commission you can get by referring others is 5% which ain’t bad at all imo. The more downlines you have the deeper you go on the affiliate scale and can upgrade to a higher affiliate rate.
Crowdtap support service is working fine, at least it did work fine for me. Either email support or live chat, so feel free to escalate your questions directly and it won’t take long for the feedback to be provided.

That’s it for Crowdtap for now, if you have already have any experience with them or you can share something I would be glad to hear from you, folks

Let’s switch to other updates for today.
It became available to me yesterday that Santiventures has implemented a new SSL certificate which was successfully installed on their website a few days ago. That’s definitely a great plus for the program as security always matters. Here is the newsletter sent out to the members:

Our tech team have recently installed a SSL Comodo certificate in order to offer our members more advanced and enhanced data protection. If you care about your personal data protection just make sure that there is a https:// prefix when browsing our website.